Real world application build with Ionic, Node.js and MongoDB

Hybrid Mobile Project

Ionic, Node.js, MongoDB and are perfect choice for building this kind of mobile app.

developed by Kristijan Klepač



Node + MongoDB


Ionic, Node & MongoDB - mobile chat app

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This app is my personal experiment with newest technologies in web development. For building this app I use latest Ionic for frontend part and Node.js with Express framework and MongoDB for backend part. Complete code (both frontend and backend) is available on my Github here and here so you can try to install everything on your local machine for testing or you can explore through my code and try to develop something similar.

App functionalities


Login / Signup

Complete Login / Signup functionality. Unlimited nr. of users. Authentication with JWT Token...

All Posts


Users can add posts and this posts are visible to all registered users...

All Posts / Top Posts

Top Posts

Every user can see all his (her) posts. Also in tab Top Posts user can see own posts with 2 or more likes from other users...

My Profile

Profile page

All users posts, avatar, location, and Country is visible here... Users can view profiles from other registered users

Follow other users

Followers / Following

We can add other users to our following list and also we can see who is following us...

People / Users


We can see all users ( people list ) with their profile image...

Settings page


Settings page with logout button and link to change password page...

Settings / Change password

Change password

On this page users can change their password. Also app validate all fields and compare passwords equality



Users can chat with other users 1:1 chat. Chats are saved in MongoDB and available for review later..


Chat emoji

Users can include emoji in chat conversations...


Chat / Alert Notifications

Users get real time notifications about new followers or if they get new chat request. Also all messages can be marked as read, unread or deleted

Everything is powered with and users get instant notifications about every user ... new post, online status, chat messages etc ...


I'am serious about deadlines.

Even if they are cronically too short. So, look at it like this. A good salesperson knows that customers have pain points.

  • Analytical mind — If you have an important decision to make, there is no one better to have on your side than someone with an analytical mind
  • Patience — Learning to wait with patience could bring dividends in more than one way
  • Love for learning — Time and time again I’ve stated that I believe in a lifelong, continual learning process. I love learning and I love knowledge.
  • Attention to detail —  if you wanna good app then details is everything.

  • Creative vision — Ideas are rather like bricks. Each one is largely useless. But cement them together in the right way, and they can collectively become a wall, a house, a castle.
  • Discipline — I'm trained to obey rules in code

What are your benefits if you hire me

Unlimited Vacation

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No more sleppless nights and health issues because of project deadlines

Gym Membership

You can cut your Gym budget to half because there is no stress that you need to overcome in gym.

Free Drinks

I'm not asking for free drinks all the time, just cofee from time to time


Your next web project will run smoothly on every computer

Flexible Schedule

I respect your business hours so I will reschedule my hours

Team work

I'm flexible and love to work in teams, so your team is my team

Retirement Plan

I'm not planning to retire myself in near future so you can count on me on every of your next projects

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