Smart Rent Boat App

What is Smart Rent Boat App?

Back in 2015/2016 my good friend ask me if I can help him with his Boat Rent business and develop for him smart rent app which will be a complete solution for complete control over bookings, planning, payments, marketing, fleet management and also all communication between him and customers. So I made this app for him and now is 2018 and app still works. His business results increased from year to year over 25% so we decide  to improve this fantastic app and new version will be ready by march 2019. Code will be completely refactored with React, Redux, React Router in frontend and .NET Core in backend. Also I will be using modern serverless technologies to put everything togeter. This means deployment to AWS ( with AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito etc.. ). Starting point for this app you can find on my Github here. I can't show you the whole project because it's build specially for my client.

Here are some printscreens from updated app in 2018 ....

In this new Smart Boat Rent App frontend is build with React, React Redux, Axios, React Router, Semantic UI, React Big Calendar, React Table,  React Yearly Calendar etc... Backend is build with .NET, also database is MySQL, Authentication and Authorization is implemented with AWS Cognito, for images we use S3 on Amazon, and also we use in some parts AWS Lambda functions. 

Login with AWS Amplify (Cognito)

Login with AWS Amplify (Cognito)

AWS, IAM User, Smart Rent Boat App
Calendar Day View

React Big Calendar

Full Calendar Add, Edit, View Boats
React Big Calendar - Monthly View

React Big Calendar - Monthly View

Boat bookings in monthly preview
React Big Calendar - Agenda

React Big Calendar - Agenda

Bookings, reservation with details (Agenda)
React Big Calendar - Agenda

React Big Calendar

Bookings, reservation with details in modal
Profile Edit

Profile Edit

React Validation, Custom field types, Notifications
Add New Boat Owner

Add New Boat Owner

Form to insert boat owners (with validation)
Boat owners list

Boat owners list

List with full CRUD, Search, and Sort
Edit Boat Owner

Edit boat owner

Edit form ( Boat owner )
Delete boat owner

Delete boat owner

Delete boat owner with notification
CMS add boats

CMS add boats

Boat description and info ( multilanguage )
Boat Description ( Multilanguage )

Boat Description ( Multilanguage )

Boat description ( multilanguage ) rich text editor

Smart Module 1: Calendars

So every boat in fleet must have their own seasonal calendar with rates for booking and possibility to add extras (metadata). Boats are bookable through their calendars both from backend side or directly from calendars exported to webpage.

Smart Module 2: Bookings

Through this module we can easily track upcoming bookings ( for today or next few days ) so we can prepare boats for customers. Also in this module we can export bookings as csv or print a invoice for customer.

Smart Module 3: Rates

Every boat in fleet can have multiple seasonal rates for rent. So in this module we can add rates and also timeslots for rent for days in week, or we can select custom dateranges where some 

Smart Module 4: Settings

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Smart Module 5: Booking Calendar

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I'am serious about deadlines.

Even if they are cronically too short. So, look at it like this. A good salesperson knows that customers have pain points.

  • Analytical mind — If you have an important decision to make, there is no one better to have on your side than someone with an analytical mind
  • Patience — Learning to wait with patience could bring dividends in more than one way
  • Love for learning — Time and time again I’ve stated that I believe in a lifelong, continual learning process. I love learning and I love knowledge.
  • Attention to detail —  if you wanna good app then details is everything.

  • Creative vision — Ideas are rather like bricks. Each one is largely useless. But cement them together in the right way, and they can collectively become a wall, a house, a castle.
  • Discipline — I'm trained to obey rules in code

What are your benefits if you hire me

Unlimited Vacation

Leave your next project to me and go to your earned vacation.


No more sleppless nights and health issues because of project deadlines

Gym Membership

You can cut your Gym budget to half because there is no stress that you need to overcome in gym.

Free Drinks

I'm not asking for free drinks all the time, just cofee from time to time


Your next web project will run smoothly on every computer

Flexible Schedule

I respect your business hours so I will reschedule my hours

Team work

I'm flexible and love to work in teams, so your team is my team

Retirement Plan

I'm not planning to retire myself in near future so you can count on me on every of your next projects

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