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In today’s article I will try to setup and explain complete workflow of creating some simple project from start, then how to create docker container for it and commit everything to your Github branch. In next step I will explain how to setup TravisCI for continuous deployment of your project to your hosting. (AWS ElasticBeanstalk in my case). For a basic project we will create simple React App. This article is not intended to explain in detail React, Docker, Github, TravisCI or AWS but only workflow of complete process of building some project.

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I think that serverless is very big thing in web development today and here I will try to explain how to build simple Node.js AWS Lambda function with basic CRUD capabilities on DynamoDB ( Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database ) table and S3 bucket for file uploads. If you wanna learn DynamoDB visit this great guide on DynamoDB.

First, we need to log in to our AWS Console and select DynamoDB from the list of services. Next we need to create new DynamoDB table. Table name will be “myposts” and Primary key will be userId (also here we will set our Sort key … in our example let’s call it postId )

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