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Hello again in my new demonstration series. Today I will show you advanced calendar component which I build and use in one of my previous projects and of course here I will show you simplified version with core functionalities and not full one.  Why is that? Because full working calendar component is included in one of my bigger project and has other dependencies and also frontend part of this application is connected  with server-side part. This raw componet that I will show you here was my starting point in developing final component.  Full source code for this calendar is available on my Github.

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Today I will demonstrate here how I build simple image slideshow component with help of Vue.js and Bootstrap. Full source code is available on my Github. First of all I need to explain that this component is forked from my another component that I build for one of my clients.

I cant show you the code from app that I build for that client ( because we have NDA – non disclosure agreement) but here is simple standalone version with core features… so maybe I will call this as version 01. beta :). Client that is build for gave me the permission to show you this slightly modified code.

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