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Many today’s websites send some notifications to their users and today I will show you how to implement such functionality in your React Web App using Firebase. You can find code for this demo in my Github here.

Firebase is Google Platform that offers various services for web developers which help them to build their apps quickly. To send the notifications, we will use the service called Cloud Messaging, which allows us to send messages to any device using HTTP requests.

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In today’s article I will try to setup and explain complete workflow of creating some simple project from start, then how to create docker container for it and commit everything to your Github branch. In next step I will explain how to setup TravisCI for continuous deployment of your project to your hosting. (AWS ElasticBeanstalk in my case). For a basic project we will create simple React App. This article is not intended to explain in detail React, Docker, Github, TravisCI or AWS but only workflow of complete process of building some project.

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In almost every app that I build clients wants some sort of Authorization and Authentication in their applications so today I will present you one solution that is fast to build and it is great for today’s modern apps that are build with React (or maybe Angular, Vue, Ionic etc…). When you are working alone or in a small team you don’t have time or funds to reinvent the wheel. There are many great solutions for AuthR and AuthZ which are developed and heavily tested with many clients and developers so it’s good practice to use them in your next project instead of developing new custom solution.

Also in today’s word security is very important and if your users don’t feel that their personal data is protected in your app they will not use it. That is the main reason to use some third party solutions for deal with user data and it’s critical to know what solutions are available to help you protect all of this sensitive data. The phrase identity as a service (or IDaaS) comes up repeatedly in conversations about protecting users and let me explain a little bit what IDaaS is.

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Today I will show you how to create simple weather app in React that will show you daily and hourly temperatures at your location. Our app will get weather and Geolocation data with OpenWeather Api and Google Geolocation API.

Demo is here, and source is on my GitHub here.

This app is part of my bigger (real world app) that I use in hotels where I work. (I work for Amadria Park Hotels, one of the biggest hotels group in Croatia ). This app is integrated in InfoPoint Displays in hotel lobbies and on Front Desk (reception). Main purpose is to show current Weather Forecast infos for our location alongside with other informations about hotel and destination that our guests need.

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