I'm web developer

JAVA, .NET, PHP, React, Angular, Vue

Hello, my name is Kristijan and I'm Fullstack Web Developer

As an web developer, I can’t have blind spots in my understanding of  applications and their execution environments. I need to know how things work in the front end (UI), the back end, the data store, the OS, any virtualization layers, the hardware, the network, and the data center.

Kristijan Klepač

Rijeka, Croatia, +385 99 252 5316

Affari Media / Amadria Park Croatia

at Affari Media, Nottingham, First meeting March, 2018

Latest project case study

Amadria Park Hotels - Web Project 2018

I was leading backend developer and also a web consultant for Amadria Park Hotels, Croatia. Amadria Park's leading partner for frontend development was Affari Media from Nottingham UK. After successful remote collaboration project is in final stage. You can see complete case study here: https://www.affarimedia.com/work/amadria-park/

Completed processes

  • Discovery Workshop
  • UX Research & Design
  • Development & Deployment

My current employers

Amadria Park Hotels, Croatia

Full Stack Web Developer

I'am web developer (senior executive) in one of the biggest hotels group in Croatia, with responsibility for managing the technological requirements for our web solutions an IT systems

Camp Solaris, Vranjica-Belvedere

Full Stack Web Developer, SEO, SEM Consultant

I'm leading web developer and web administrator for largest camping sites in Southern Dalmatia, Croatia. Also I work as SEO, SEM consultant for their digital marketing departments

Web Freelancer

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm working as Full Stack Developer for many small companies mostly in travel business as Frontend developer (React, Angular, Vue), Backend developer (JAVA, .NET, PHP) and as IT consultant

My Programming Skills


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I Believe in Lifelong Learning

Learning can no longer be divided into a place and time to acquire knowledge (school) and a place and time to apply the knowledge acquired (the workplace). Instead, learning can be seen as something that takes place on an ongoing basis from our daily interactions with others and with the world around us.

My projects - What I build recently

React, .NET, SpringBoot ( JAVA )

Smart Rent Boat App

Case study for my latest project that I build for boat-rent charter company from Opatija and Cres...

Wordpress, JQuery, Bootstrap, WebHotelier API

Amadria Park Hotels

Custom coded and designed Wordpress theme with custom coded plugins, API and etc...

.NET Core, Vue.js, Vuex, Vuetify ( Material UI )

Ship Risk & Inspection App

PSC Application is business app specially build for some Ship Logistic Company based in Rijeka Croatia.

PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery


Web page and application is build for Marea, tourist agency from Ičići, Opatija. They decided to put some Photospot Camera on beautiful walking area of Opatija called Lungo Mare...

From my Blog

My personal experiments with newest technologies

JavaScript - Optional Chaining

Written by Kristijan Klepač on 15/10/2019.

As of August 2019, a new proposal optional chaining reached stage 3 and is going to be a nice improvement. Optional chaining changes the way properties are accessed from deep objects structures. JavaScript language has added few exciting features over the past few years, like the spread operator, default argument values, and arrow functions and now new feature is optional chaining. Optional chaining allows developers to reference object properties which may or may not exist without trigger an error.

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AWS Cognito login with React and AWS Amplify

Written by Kristijan Klepač on 25/10/2018.

In almost every app that I build clients wants some sort of Authorization and Authentication in their applications so today I will present you one solution that is fast to build and it is great for today’s modern apps that are build with React (or maybe Angular, Vue, Ionic etc…). When you are working alone or in a small team you don’t have time or funds to reinvent the wheel. There are many great solutions for AuthR and AuthZ which are developed and heavily tested with many clients and developers so it’s good practice to use them in your next project instead of developing new custom solution.

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Creating a serverless .NET Core 2.1 Web Api with AWS Lambda

Written by Kristijan Klepač on 29/10/2018.

Before start you need 2-3 things installed and configured. These are Visual Studio 2017 (on your machine), AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio (if you work on windows machine) and AWS account . If you have Mac like I do you can’t take advantages of AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio but instead you must do some things from CLI. In article below I will show you example with CLI ( create, deploy and publish .NET Core to AWS)

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DynamoDB basic CRUD with Node.js on AWS Lambda

Written by Kristijan Klepač on 05/11/2018.

I think that serverless is very big thing in web development today and here I will try to explain how to build simple Node.js AWS Lambda function with basic CRUD capabilities on DynamoDB ( Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database ) table and S3 bucket for file uploads. If you wanna learn DynamoDB visit this great guide on DynamoDB.

First, we need to log in to our AWS Console and select DynamoDB from the list of services. Next we need to create new DynamoDB table. Table name will be “myposts” and Primary key will be userId (also here we will set our Sort key … in our example let’s call it postId )

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Full stack example – Spring Boot, React, Redux (JWT Login)

Written by Kristijan Klepač on 02/12/2018.

Today’s article is about how to start creating Fullstack Web Project. For this example I choose JAVA for backend part, to be more clear I develop Spring Boot Rest Api for backend and for client frontend, app is built with React (with redux for state management and some styling with Bootstrap 4). Complete code is available on my Github repo

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Docker on Digitalocean: Installing Traefik – a Modern Reverse Proxy for Microservices

Written by Kristijan Klepač on 30/10/2018.

Traefik is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer for microservices. Traefik serves as a router for all your microservices applications, routing all client requests to correct microservices destination. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and configure Traefik modern reverse proxy as a Docker container on Ubuntu 18.04 with Digitalocean. So in my example you need to have installed Digitalocean droplet with Docker and Docker-compose on Ubuntu 18.04. Easiest way to do this to choose One-click apps when you create Droplet on Digitalocean, then click on Docker 18.06.1~ce~3 on 18.04 and finish creating of your new Droplet. In creation it is essential to create SSH key to improve security so we can easily ssh to our droplet through terminal. How to do this is very well described on this link: https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/droplets/how-to/add-ssh-keys/

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Calendar component with date range select built with Vue.js

Written by Kristijan Klepač on 06/06/2018.

Hello again in my new demonstration series. Today I will show you advanced calendar component which I build and use in one of my previous projects and of course here I will show you simplified version with core functionalities and not full one.  Why is that? Because full working calendar component is included in one of my bigger project and has other dependencies and also frontend part of this application is connected  with server-side part. This raw componet that I will show you here was my starting point in developing final component.  Full source code for this calendar is available on my Github.

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What are your benefits if you hire me

Unlimited Vacation

Leave your next project to me and go to your earned vacation.


No more sleppless nights and health issues because of project deadlines

Gym Membership

You can cut your Gym budget to half because there is no stress that you need to overcome in gym.

Free Drinks

I'm not asking for free drinks all the time, just cofee from time to time


Your next web project will run smoothly on every computer

Flexible Schedule

I respect your business hours so I will reschedule my hours

Team work

I'm flexible and love to work in teams, so your team is my team

Retirement Plan

I'm not planning to retire myself in near future so you can count on me on every of your next projects

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